Membership Benefits


Party Club of America helps you fight the Big Guys—and Win.

Because PCA represents several hundred retailers and resellers, its members enjoy preferential pricing that allows them to go head to head with national competitors.

Party Club of America is your doorway to the Global Economy.

PCA sends buyers to Asia, and its members enjoy an industry-leading import program. Moreover, it has access to a 100,000 sq. ft. distribution center only fifteen miles from one of the nation’s major inland container facilities, so staging and re-distribution of imported product is not a problem.

Party Club of America lives Retail.

Unlike the staffs of the other buying groups and some franchisors, PCA’s staff knows first-hand what it is like to run an independent party store because they are independent retailers. The PCA staff can do much more than just answer your purchasing and merchandising questions. They can also help you with:

  • Freight Programs
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Marketing
  • Leasing
  • Human Resources
  • Legal updates
  • Members’ Discussion Forum

Additionally, and critically, you’ll be able to network with our members, the best retailers in the business. Providing a forum for knowledge sharing is one of the best services that Party Club of America provides.

Party Club of America is a Bargain.

PCA is the best deal in the industry, bar none. PCA does not require you to “buy in” in order to enjoy membership and it does not siphon off your profits by making you share your revenue. The savings you will enjoy on products and services, along with the true rebates and dividends we offer, can more than cover any membership costs.

  • Purchasing Advantages
  • Direct (and Wholesale) Rebate Programs
  • Import Program
  • Marketing Benefits
  • A Business Model that Maximizes Member ROI
  • Industry Access
  • Communication & Networking